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Online Teaching Readiness

Online Course Design Quick Start

Online Teaching Readiness (Primer) is a 5- to 7-hour course to help you prep your online course for the upcoming semester. 

Online Teaching Readiness is reserved for those instructors who:

  1. Have a contract to teach online in the upcoming semester
  2. Not certified to teach online (EPTO)
  3. Less than 30 days till the start of the upcoming semester

April 22- June 9

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How Will the Primer Help Me?

The Primer is an at your own pace workshop which walks you through a checklist of requirements, resources, policies and guidelines for online course design at CCRI. It will help you prepare your students and yourself for a successful semester. A Blackboard template and boilers are provided to minimize the amount of time you spend building course navigation and organization. An online checklist will help make sure you have all academic policies and student services in the course.

The Primer introduces you to federal, state and accreditation regulations including RSI, ADA, FERPA, and copyright. The workshop provides details on how to meet the regulations and provides examples and templates for your course.

Whether you are working from a copy of someone's course or from scratch, the Primer will build your confidence and kick your course design into high gear. 


Completing the Primer will waive the EPTO requirement for the upcoming semester.  After which, you must complete the EPTO requirement before being eligible to teach online in the future. We recommend taking EPTO concurrently with the semester that you teach online.


Register for the Primer


Completion and Recognition

At the end of the EPTO course, faculty who complete the course will receive a digital certificate in Online Teaching Readiness.