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Course Design Review

Online Learning and Technology offers  OSCQR Course Design Review based on the SUNY Online Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric. If you are interested in reviewing an online course, please request a review.

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We are passionate about practicing a culture of design, assessment and reflection that is focused on evidence of impact.


The OSCQR process guides faculty through self-reflection and design review for online courses that is student-centered and adopts effective research-based pedagogy. Its focus on course design, that meets all federal, state and NECHE regulations. OSCQR meets the "regular and substantive interactions." The OSCQR process is intended to be used for reviewing course design, not course delivery or instructor performance. 

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To learn more about the OSCQR standards, visit OSCQR Standards.

Can Anyone Complete an OSCQR?

OSCQR is a voluntary self-reflective process and is not for the formal review of any course. The product of the OSCQR review may inform your teaching practice and help you create a more effective course.

OSCQR may be used in the following ways:

  • As a self-directed course design review and improvement process.
  • A roadmap for new course development.
  • A guide to perform an accessibility check.
  • For recognition of exemplary course design and instructional best practices.
  • To inform a department or program review process.

What Does the OSCQR Process Entail?

After reviewing this website:

  1. The OSCQR process begins with you requesting a review.
  2. Once a review is requested, the OLT will reach out to you to set up an initial interview, in which both parties will review the process, answer any questions you may have and set up a timeline.
  3. After the interview, both the instructional designer and the instructor will take a few weeks to review the course using the OSCQR rubric.
  4. A final conversation takes place once the rubric is completed. The instructional designer and instructor will walk through and develop an action plan together with key points for improving the course design. Follow-up meetings may be scheduled for the future.

Request OSCQR Review

How Long Does the Process Take?

There are many ways to utilize OSCQR and therefore the length of the review will vary. Since the review is voluntary, the timeline for completion is set by the instructor. If the instructor does not have the time for a full course design review, we encourage reaching out for a more casual self-directed opportunity.

We recommend OSCQR occur within one semester and implementing the action plan and any follow-up conversations take as long as needed.