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kc1KnightsConnect is an in-person, interactive orientation tour designed to help rising Knights, like yourself, enjoy a successful experience here at CCRI.

Each session includes 45-minute guided tours of various student resource areas to provide you with all the information you need to get ready for your first day of classes. Connect with staff, meet fellow new students, and access helpful resources to get ready for the beginning of the fall semester.

Now's the time to get prepared, find out all that CCRI has to offer, and join our growing community of committed and active students pursuing their degrees and creating their paths to the future.

New Student Orientation

Congratulations and welcome to CCRI!

New Student Orientation helps you get prepared for your first year at CCRI. This online module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It focuses on areas and services of the college that are important to your success at CCRI. Get ready to learn about: 

  • Transitioning Into College
  • Using Blackboard And Other Technology
  • Understanding Your Bill & Financial Aid
  • How To Register For Classes
  • Where To Ask For Help

Start your online New Student Orientation

Related Activities and Online Modules

Taking Online Classes

Whether you have enrolled for a distance-learning course for the first time or have taken one before, this useful guide will provide you with an overview of online learning at CCRI to familiarize you with terminology, policies, procedures, resources, and expectations that will contribute to your success this semester.

Online Learning at CCRI