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Why Choose CCRI?

The largest community college in the region, CCRI has more than 15,500 students enrolled across four campuses in Warwick, Lincoln, Providence and Newport, as well as satellite locations at the Westerly Education Center and Woonsocket Education Center. We offer the lowest tuition of any college in the state, and we’re dedicated to providing open access to Rhode Islanders who want the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to enter high-quality careers or transfer to four-year institutions.

CCRI students are from Rhode Island, are educated and trained here, and find careers here. According to a survey of 2015 graduates, 90 percent are either employed, continuing their education or a combination of both. Almost 84 percent of those graduates said they are working or studying in Rhode Island.

Simply put, CCRI has an immediate and positive impact on your life, your community and Rhode Island's economy.

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As part of our mission to provide affordable open access to higher education, CCRI has the lowest college tuition in the Ocean State.* We have incredible programs like JAA, Reverse Transfer and numerous financial aid opportunities to help students who might not otherwise be able to attend college succeed while saving money.



CCRI sets high academic standards necessary for our students to graduate and either transfer to four-year colleges or begin successful careers in high-demand fields.

We also provide extensive support services for students, including programs like our Joint Admissions Agreement with URI and RIC, which offers personalized advising, tuition discounts and more.


Rhode Islanders are the pillar of CCRI’s diverse student body. Of the more than 15,500 students enrolled at CCRI in fall 2016, almost 96 percent were Rhode Island residents. Whether you live in Westerly or Woonsocket, you are only a short distance from one of CCRI's four main campuses or our satellite locations.


CCRI's high-quality education fits your busy schedule. Credit and noncredit courses are offered day or night, on campus or online, meaning students can find and schedule classes that work for them. We also offer a wide variety of academic support services to assist students.

*The Community College of Rhode Island is a state-supported public institution; therefore, tuition and fees are subject to increase.