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Backward Design Studio

Align Your Course in 3 days!

Backward Design Registration

OLT is excited to present the following opportunities for faculty to engage in reflection, inspiration, and excitement around teaching. Learn the Backward Design Framework including writing objectives, aligning assessments and activities, and scaffolding.

Reflection. Inspiration. Evolution.

Invest three days into developing your course design skills. You will examine your course from new perspectives and practice strategies for:

  • Strengthening learning outcomes
  • Write objectives
  • Aligning assessments
  • Designing activities and scaffolding

Each day will include a deep dive into design strategies, interactive activities, and reflection time. Connect with up to twenty of your colleagues through this collaborative, hands-on, three-day workshop.

Why should you take this workshop?

Backward Design is a foundational curriculum skill set for designing effective and engaging courses in any modality.

For instructors who are:

  • re-designing for a 7-week or summer course,
  • working on course or program assessment,
  • integrating Gen Ed goals into your course,
  • creating a Pathway 1000 course,
  • designing a new course for CRC and/or
  • working on a tenure promotion.


  • August 13, 14 and 15, 9:00 am  - 3:30 pm each day
  • Lunch will be included
  • Location: TBA
Backward Design Registration


  • The studio is open to all CCRI instructors.
  • Faculty will complete a course design map.
  • Please bring a course syllabus  and schedule.


Full- and part-time faculty with at least one year of teaching experience are eligible.  Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Backward Design Studio