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Career Services

Career Development is a lifelong process of personal/professional growth and skill building. It prepares you to research information, build decision-making skills, strategically plan a path to a goal, and become resourceful and flexible in the face of inevitable work world changes.

This site is full of information and resources to help you plan and manage your career. Being interactive, it provides directions for deciding on a career or major and also includes exercises, self-assessments and the how-to of getting employed.

Orient yourself to this site by checking out FAQs. Start with self-exploration steps and follow the sequence or jump in at any point and take from this site what you deem useful. This is your journey, this site is your compass, you have decisions to make and the career services team is positioned to be your guide.

Support from Career Services

Self Exploration

Learn about your interests and skills and make connections to majors or careers.

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Career Preparation

Find resources to help with your professional preparation, including resume and cover letter information.

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Jobs and Internships

Search for part-time or full-time jobs or internships.

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Employer Solutions

Post a job or find ways to engage with our team.

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