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Getting Started with Blackboard

This is the first step to ensuring a smooth transition to online learning. Blackboard is your go-to for online learning. Chances are some of you haven’t had to utilize this software yet. No worries – we’ve got you covered!

Blackboard Privacy Statement

Blackboard Basic Resources

Check Your Browser Settings

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Webcam
  2. Microphone or headset
  3. Stable Internet access

Supported Browsers

Check your browser

Enabling Javascript

All modern browsers enable Javascript by default. No action is necessary.

Instructions for all internet browsers

Enabling Cookies

All modern browsers enable cookies by default. No action necessary.

Instructions for all internet browsers

Enabling Pop-up Windows

All modern web browsers block pop-up windows by default, you'll need to allow pop-up windows in your web browser.


You need to be able to view PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader.

How Banner and Blackboard Work Together

  1. Students' enrollment information will be typically loaded to Blackboard two weeks before the semester starts.
  2. Students who drop or withdraw from a course will be removed from your Blackboard courses automatically. Your Blackboard course rosters will now reflect your official Banner rosters. The process runs every three hours 24/7; however, changes in your Bb roster will not appear unless the change was officially made in Banner. 
  3. If a student drops a course or is dropped, and is reinstated or re-registers, student work that had been completed will be restored.
  4. Instructors can still add students who are not officially enrolled in your course and faculty who are not officially assigned to the course in Banner. To be added, the user must have an existing Blackboard account.
  5. Instructors will no longer be able to delete students from courses.
  6. You must contact OLT if you need an instructor removed from your course.

Online Teaching Readiness

Learn how to get started teaching online, get certified and access the most common templates.

Get Started Teaching Online

Logging Into Blackboard

Log into Blackboard from the Login>Blackboard menu at the top right of the screen.

Blackboard account usernames and passwords are the same as your MyCCRI username and password. If you have questions about your login, please read this page. Also, you can contact Help Desk at 401-825-1112, [email protected] or the Help Desk Portal.

How to Log into Blackboard

Ultra Base Navigation

Navigating in a Course