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Standards for Honors Projects

The Following standards were adopted by the Department of Business and Professional Studies (May 2009)

  1. Each student participating in an Honors Project should anticipate investing at least an additional twenty hours beyond normal course requirements. This number of hours may be exceeded in the case of scientific experiments and/or survey research.
  2. It is expected than an Honors Project will exceed the normal course objectives and content, and will result in the student's increased knowledge and/or application of that knowledge, and will be of sufficient intellectual rigor commensurate with college-level learning.
  3. Students and Instructors will be expected to meet at least three times during the course of the semester as follows:
    1. Initial meeting to discuss proposal
    2. Mid-project meeting: to insure student is progressing adequately.
    3. Pre-final assessment meeting: initial review by instructor and student to ensure acceptable completion.
  4. The format of the Honors Project will conform to the following format:
    1. Narrative description of proposal.
    2. Description of how the Honors Project will provide
      1. Increased subject knowledge
      2. Demonstrated application of subject knowledge
      3. How the project is related to the course.
      4. Learning Outcomes
  5. The student will be required to complete one of the following:
    1. Classroom presentation
    2. Written report
    3. Classroom demonstration