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Professor Silva Authors Chapter

Assistant Professor of Art, Joseph Silva wrote the chapter "To the Victor Go the Spoils:  Christian Triumphalism and the Order of Santo Stefano in Pisa," published in the book Art, Mobility and Exchange in Early Modern Tuscany and Eurasia (Routledge, 2020).  In it, Professor Silva interprets the display of flags, weapons and precious objects violently seized by the Knighthood of Santo Stefano---a holy order founded by Grand Duke Cosimo I de' Medici of Tuscany, Italy---in their battles with Barbary corsairs and Ottoman Turks on the Mediterranean Sea.  These spoils of war, housed in the Church of Santo Stefano in Pisa, propagandized the duke's success as a modern Christian crusader and Tuscany's identity as an international and formidable sea power.

Cover of hte book "To the Victor Go the Spoils: Christian Triumphalism and the Order of Santo Stefano in Pisa"

Current Exhibitions

Student Exhibition Spring 2022

  • A showcase of the incredible talent, determination and creativity of our students. All the featured artwork was made this semester by students as coursework in the Art, Art History, and Design Department.
  • image credit: Francy Hinds
Student Exhibition Spring 2022 Student Exhibition Spring 2022

Student Exhibition Fall 2021

  • Browse the exhibition at the link below to see drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, graphic design and more. We applaud our students, and invite you to explore the exhibition!
  • image credit: 'Look With Your Eyes Not Your Mouth' by Faith Lapierre
Student Exhibition Fall 2021 Student Exhibition Fall 2021

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