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Four-Dimensional Animation and Design

This course examines the basic elements of art and design in space and time. Students are introduced to artists working with 4D and new media arts to explore their own ideas, spaces and time-based techniques while developing critical thinking in relation to subject, medium, form and content, and how all of these can create or effect meaning in 4D art.


Four-Dimensional Animation and Design ARTS 1420

Four-Dimensional Animation and DesignStudents will create works of art using time-based techniques such as time lapse, basic cell animation, stop motion, go motion, basic green screen and sound.


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Current Exhibitions

Knight Gallery

Student Work in Art and Design

  • Dec. 13 to 19
  • Reception: 4 to 6 pm. on Dec 19.

Flanagan Gallery

Student Exhibition Featuring student work from the studio art classes at the Flanagan Campus

  • Dec. 17 to 20
  • Reception: 4 to 6 pm. on Friday, Dec. 20.

Areas of Study