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Virtual Courses for Employers

CCRI’s Division of Workforce Partnerships is committed to developing demand-driven training that readies Rhode Islanders for the jobs of tomorrow. Workforce training funding is available for many of these programs, so some training may be FREE.

Please see current list of programming below (click on course title for details). For more information or to launch a partnership with CCRI’s Division of Workforce Partnerships, email [email protected].

Excel for Business, Intermediate and Advanced

Harness the power of Microsoft Excel and see your business in a completely different light. Employees learn statistical, financial, logical, lookup and math formulas in addition to validation rules, conditional formatting and customizing in the Excel environment. Staff learn in a hands-on course and leave with step-by-step guides and tips to help your business.

Corporate Language Training

Your team has unique communication challenges and our instructors provide high-quality, interdisciplinary language instruction to meet the specific needs of your organization. Employees gain confidence in their ability to conduct business in another language and enhanced comprehension skills, clarity, and pronunciation. Employees are currently taught in Spanish and/or English. Our Spanish for Supervisors course is available.

Customer Solutions and Technical Assistance

Does your business need help to find qualified entry-level call center or customer service employees? Let us train your new or prospective employees. Trainees learn a wide range of skills including professionalism and customer service, call center best practices and technology, basic industry terminology (i.e. investments and insurance), and more. This program is customizable for any business or industry.

Cybersecurity for Technology Professionals

Your IT team is doing great work, but now more than ever cybersecurity training is essential. IT employees are provided a fundamental review of cybersecurity to include common forms of cyber-attacks, common types of protection, and current tools and practical knowledge that support discouraging and combating cyber-attacks. S+ certification preparation is provided.

Business and Digital Essentials

Train new or prospective entry-level employees for success through our customizable programming. Employees learn the business and digital essentials skills necessary for entry-level positions within your industry such as products and technologies of the industry, maneuvering between different organizational systems, digital media literacy, and data analytics skills. The skills addressed in the training are cross-cutting and support job readiness for most industries and sectors.

Data Literacy and Reporting

Data Literacy is a critical skill needed across all occupations and industries, including yours. Employees begin with an introduction to data analytics followed by data analysis concepts and techniques, collecting and cleansing data, MS excel skills (intermediate) and finish with discrete mathematics overview and analysis methods. Your employees learn the data essentials to inform, equip, and inspire you and your organization to do better.

Data Visualization

Do your employees know how to tell your story using data? In this course, employees learn foundational knowledge of data visualization elements like dashboards, charts, graphs, and maps; a comprehensive and practical understanding of Tableau and Power BI data visualization tools and uses; and data presentation and storytelling techniques. Courses are customizable so employees will learn how to turn your business data into intelligence utilizing compelling visualizations.

Dental Assistant

Do you need qualified Dental Assistant help now? This entry-level Dental Assisting Program prepares your new or prospective employees to provide basic dental assisting skills. Upon completion, students will be gain proficiency in utilizing personal protective equipment appropriately, sterilizing instruments, preparing restorative tray set-ups and operatory, take accurate vital signs, taking radiographs, and much more.

Diversity and Inclusion

Take ownership over your business’s diversity and inclusion journey. Employees learn an understanding of workplace oppression and inclusion, implicit bias and the competencies to create a diverse and strong team. Give your team the training and tools to create an inclusive and thriving organizational culture. This course can be customized to your company’s industry and diversity training needs.

Healthcare Data and Reporting

Does your healthcare organization need data to better inform healthcare practice? In this training, employees learn how to understand, analyze, and report on company-specific healthcare data in excel. The training is customizable and basic, intermediate, and advanced are available and can be taken in concession.

Leadership Development

Now more than ever, good leadership is essential for today’s ever-changing organizations, but what does that look like? This course covers methodologies on leadership philosophies and holistic leadership development, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Leadership training and implementation can transform your internal culture and create alignment to enable external innovation and success in today’s economy.

General Industry OSHA 10 & 30

Do your employees need their Nationally Recognized OSHA card? The OSHA training focuses on promoting workplace safety and healthy working practices for the manufacturing industry. Employees learn to understand the importance of OSHA in providing a safe and healthy workplace; apply OSHA regulations to the workplace to better the working environment; as well as identify safe work practices, elements of the Hazard Communication Standard, bloodborne pathogens and common symptoms, hazardous energy sources, and confined spaces. Employees receive the Nationally Recognized OSHA 10 or 30 card upon program completion.

Medical Terminology for Non-Clinical Staff

A firm grasp of medical terminology is vital to job performance whether you are in a clinical or non-clinical position. Employees must be able to easily use medical terminology every day to understand what is being read, written, billed, or communicated during day-to-day job duties. In this course, your non-clinical employees learn to work with both patients and clinicians in new and dynamic ways to better support patients. This training will help bridge the medical terminology gap within the medical office, so you can better serve your patients.

Health Insurance Basics

Let’s face it, health insurance is complicated and if not administered properly impacts patient satisfaction, and your bottom line. Ensure your healthcare support staff understand the basics of health insurance. Employees learn insurance terms, cost-sharing, types of plan, co-payments/insurances, out-of-pocket maximums, referrals, HSA/FSA, elements of health insurance plans, pre-authorizations, types of coverages, and much more.

Spanish for Medical Personnel

Communicating with Spanish speaking patients can be challenging at first. Through this training, employees learn enough oral Spanish to interact with Spanish-speaking patients and family members from hospital admission through discharge. This hands-on course provides day-to-day dramatic re-creations of hospital experiences from the points of view of both nurse and patient to help your staff improve their spoken Spanish proficiency.

Mental Health First Aid

Does your organization need employees who are better able to prevent mental health crises? In this nationally recognized training, employees will learn about early-stage mental illnesses and mental health crises, as well as, how to assist a person who has a history of mental health disorders or longer-term mental health problems. Your staff will learn the skills to provide early intervention and mental health emergency prevention, to prevent or lessen future incidents and improve outcomes for your clients.

Mortgage Data Processor Training

Do you need trained and licensed mortgage professionals on your team now? This virtual synchronous training provides an overview of associated disciplines essential to a complete understanding of mortgage lending, including loss mitigation, predatory lending, capital markets, real estate law and regulation, and real estate mathematics. Employees receive a solid foundation and understanding of the importance of loan production, underwriting, secondary marketing, warehousing, and servicing functions in the industry. Employees take an asynchronous national online certification course preparing them for the MLS National Licensing Test Examination in the mortgage banking industry.

Patient Support Specialist

Are you in need of qualified non-clinical support staff for your healthcare business? Training is available for new or prospective employees as medical administrative assistants, patient service representatives, unit secretaries, medical customer service agents, and other related positions. Let us customize a training to help you better serve your patients.

Project Management

As projects grow and become more complex, you need project managers to keep your team and business on track for success. Employees learn an introduction to project management methodologies such as agile versus waterfall, the project lifecycle, and return on investment. All trainings are customized to your business and the technologies you use now or plan to use in the future.

Technical Writing

Clear communication is crucial for your businesses, especially when operating in a virtual environment. Employees learn to focus on producing concise, clear, credible and objective reports, letters, memoranda and related workplace writing. Your employees will learn how to produce content that demonstrates an awareness of the reader and explains complex subjects in easy to understand ways.

Social Determinants of Health

Do you need to improve outcomes for high-risk patients with a more complete view into their health? Employees will learn to provides a general awareness and understanding of various determinants, assessing for determinants, and assisting patients by offering them resources. In this customizable course, staff learn how to focus on improving patient care, while also allowing the company to speak one language when discussing social determinants of health.

Software Development

Do you need highly skilled software developers? Aimed at providing new or prospective employees with the required skills and training needed for entry-level employment in software development, this three-module program, is delivered virtually and includes a paid internship during the final module of the program. During the internship module, students will participate in weekly 90-minute internship seminar where the cohort discuss on-the-job learnings, challenges faced, and address continued basic/soft/professional skills needed for the workplace.

Virtual Technology for Business

Make remote work ‘work’ for your team. With rapid advancements in technology, a world-wide trend towards an increasingly “mobile” business model has emerged. Employees focus on technologies that support participants’ ability to operate virtually and remotely. Topics include: Virtual Meeting Platforms, Mobile Connectivity, Microsoft “Tools for Collaboration,” Remote Working and Virtual Communication, Leveraging the “Cloud,” and Technology and Productivity.

Workplace Technology for Business

Train employees in the technology specific to your company. With the continuous advancement of technology, this training is aimed at providing professionals with the knowledge needed to adopt/apply current technologies in business. This training includes content in the following areas: technology as a tool, workplace technologies, industry-specific applications and software, and an introduction to advanced technologies.

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