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Corporate Language Training

Rhode Island’s top employers partner with CCRI to ensure their workforce is ready for the economy of tomorrow. Workforce training funding is available for many of these programs, so some training may be FREE.

Benefits of Corporate Language Training (CLT)

  • More confidence in employers/employees' abilities to conduct business in another language and represent the organization
  • Greater oral communication fluency for in-person business situations
  • Accurate use of appropriate workplace terminology
  • Increased professionalism for interaction with clients and coworkers
  • Enhanced comprehension skills, clarity, and pronunciation

The CCRI Adult Education team designs courses to address the unique needs of a learning group and their employer. We collaborate with the employer to set a schedule that complements the workplace schedule and delivers effective education. Instructors target communication challenges identified by the employer with high-quality, interdisciplinary language instruction. CCRI is currently offering courses in English and Spanish.

Customized Course Options
Course Options Time Commitment Outcomes
Skills Inventory and Targeted Workshops  20 – 40 hours   
  • Target specific communication issues
  • Improve general knowledge of language study
  • Connect students to further resources 
Capacity Building Classes  40 – 100 hours   
  • Observable gains in communication ability
  • Opportunity for employees to master skills with lasting effect 
 Sustained Professional Development   100 + hours   
  • Significant gains in communication ability
  • Opportunity for employees to complete levels within the internationally recognized CEFR framework 

For more information on Corporate Language Training or English Language Studies contact Erica Fleitas Coordinator of Non-Credit Language Studies at 455-6019 [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes offered?

CLT classes are offered at the workplace or at CCRI.

 How do you customize?

Courses focus on development of language that is directly relevant for employees in that setting. Instructors assess the skill of the group and set course objectives to target communication challenges identified by the employer with high-quality, interdisciplinary language instruction. Instructors incorporate a variety of diverse, functional, real-world material from the workplace and integrate use of technology for communication. Throughout the planning stages and implementation of the course, employers will be in contact with the coordinator who will guide you through the process, follow-up with course details and progress, and be available for any modifications along the way.

 What are common course topics?
1. Workplace Communication: greeting and introductions, asking/answering common questions, making "small talk", reporting problems, scheduling, making suggestions, asking for/giving clarification, apologizing, business correspondence

2. Directions and Instructions: quality control language, job commands, rules/regulation/warnings, accidents and emergencies, prioritizing and sequencing, giving/following directions

3. Job-Specific Terminology: identification of one’s job, setting and describing tasks, understanding responsibilities, identifying/describing tools, equipment, products/processes, etc.

4. Multicultural and Social Aspects: food and health, personal habits/appearances, cultural values of the American workplace, understanding workplace hierarchies, understanding appropriate problem-solving strategies

5. Company Organization: management functions, policies, procedures, and benefits, Performance reviews, rewards and recognition, understanding career opportunities and the need for training

 What if I only have a few people that need training?

CCRI can form classes from multiple companies within an industry. Employers can also offer professional development to their staff by covering tuition in the public CCRI programs, which include multiple language options.



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