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The Community College of Rhode Island offers financial assistance to students who might otherwise be unable to further their education without such support. Depending on the type of aid, eligibility is based on one or more of the following criteria: financial need of the individual (in the case of dependent students, family need is used), educational costs, academic program and availability of funds.

Financial Aid Assistance Information
General Institutional Information
Health and Wellness
Information Security
Student Outcomes

Financial Aid Assistance Information:

Code of Conduct
Financial Aid FAQs
Glossary of Terms
Private Education Loans
Refund Policies
Repayment of Title IV Funds
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Student Debt Information
Student Employment
Student Loan Information
Types of Financial Aid

General Institutional Information:

Academic Departments
College Catalog
Confidentiality for Students Utilizing Disability Services
Consortium Agreement
Disability Services for Students
Faculty and Staff
Study Abroad
Transfer Information
Tuition and Fees
Withdrawal from the College

Health and Wellness:

Drug and Alcohol Policy Statement Health and Wellness
Immunization Information

Information Security:

Data Security Policy


Clery Report
Clery Report Definitions
Crime Annual Reporting (by location)
Crime Incident Reporting Procedures
Disciplinary Actions
Emergency Procedures
Emergency Response/Evacuation
Hate Crime Reporting
Mandated Reporters
Procedures for Institutional Disciplinary Action
Submitting Crime Stats to US Dept. of Ed
Timely Warning and Emergency Notification

Student Outcomes:

Employability of Graduates
Enrollment, Graduation, and Retention Rates
Equity in Athletics
The Tutoring Center