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Emergency Preparedness

What to do in case of emergency at CCRI?

The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community guests are paramount at the Community College of Rhode Island. In the unlikely event of an emergency on any of our campuses, it is critical that you understand how the college and local emergency personnel respond, and steps you should take to be safe.

Using the RAVE Alert system, CCRI has identified three different types of emergency messages for you to become familiar with:

  1. Shelter in place
    • Used for situations like chemical spills, environmental emergencies, and weather emergencies such as tornados and hurricanes.
    • Move away from windows to inner rooms. Seal ventilation in cases of chemical spill or air borne hazard.
  2. Shelter in place-Take Protective Action
    • Used while police are investigating a potential threat to the campus but no imminent threat is present. Avoid the situation and/or leave the area.  Examples are a report of weapon possession on campus or a violent act adjacent to the campus.
    • Seek shelter in a safe place on campus, preferably locked, and do not move around campus.
  3. Lockdown
    • Used only for immediate confirmed threats on campus, such as an active shooter.
    • College will automatically lock all doors on campus using centralized system.
    • Seek shelter, turn off lights and cell phones, and decide if running, hiding, or fighting are the best courses of action based on your location.


Surviving an active shooter event

In a lockdown situation where there is a confirmed threat on campus, you will need to decide if you will run, hide, or fight based on your location. While this is a daunting thought, you can prepare yourself. Watch the video below:

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