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Retirement Information

The information below has been developed to answer some of the most "Frequently Asked Questions" when contemplating retirement. It discusses your options regarding continued health insurance coverage, contacting Social Security Administration, and a host of other topics.

The earlier you begin to examine and make plans concerning these issues, the smoother the transition will be. If, after reviewing this information, you should have any additional questions or need any clarification, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 401-825-2311.


All Classified employees working 20 hours or more per week must participate in the Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island (ERSRI).

ERSRI mandates any participants in ERS contribute as follows:

Employee Years of Service as of 6/30/2012 Defined Benefit Employee % Defined Contribution Employee % Defined Contribution Employer %
20+ years 11% of gross pay 0% of gross pay 0% of gross pay
15 to 20 years 3.75% of gross pay 5% of gross pay 1.5% of gross pay
10 to 20 years 3.75% of gross pay 5% of gross pay 1.25% of gross pay
<10 years 3.75% of gross pay 5% of gross pay 1.00 % of gross pay

Employees are vested in the defined benefit pension plan when they have five years of contributing service.

Members who participate in the defined contribution plan will always be 100 percent vested in their contributions. Employer contributions will be vested after the member has three years of contributing service, including contributing service prior to July 1, 2012. Non-vested members who terminate employment prior to completing three years of contributing service will forfeit the employer’s contribution.

Should an employee leave state service prior to becoming vested, he/she has the option of leaving his/her funds in the ERSRI, withdrawing funds, or rolling funds into a qualified retirement savings vehicle.


Non-Classified employees who are exempt from ERSRI*, who have reached the age of 30, and who have two (2) years of service are required to participate in the TIAA retirement plan as a condition of employment. Participation is permitted, on a voluntary basis, for eligible employees under the age of thirty (30).

Employees must contribute at least 5% of their gross biweekly earnings. These contributions may be made on a pre-tax basis. The College will contribute 9% of the employee’s gross biweekly earnings. The employee may designate how these funds are invested. There is no vesting period.

Should an employee leave the College prior to retirement, the employee's options regarding their retirement funds include continued investment; rollover, or withdrawal.

*Non-classified employees who are members of the ERSRI at the time of employment at the Community College may elect to remain in the ERSRI if they so choose.