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Campus Police


The Community College of Rhode Island Police Department is committed to providing a safe educational environment and essential public safety services to all members of our community in support of College’s educational mission.  We deliver services to all community members, including visitors, with professionalism and integrity.  We strive to foster partnerships with our community members. As stakeholders of the college, we seek to pro-actively problem solve and reduce crime while promoting civility and engagement.

We are committed to the prevention of crime, the investigation of reported incidents, the preservation of security and the enforcement of all laws and college rules.  This is achieved in conjunction with the campus community through the enforcement of laws, crime prevention activities, education and community awareness and community policing. 

As a testament to our commitment to the highest standards and best policing practices, your campus police department earned accreditation status in 2021 with the Rhode Island Police Accreditation Commission.

Important Links

Surviving an Active Shooter/Killer Event

Avoid. Deny. Fight.

In a Lockdown situation where there is a confirmed threat on campus, you will need to decide if you will Avoid (Run), Deny (Hide) or Defend (Fight) based on your location. While this is a daunting thought, you can prepare yourself.