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Grievance Procedures

Informal & Formal Grievance Procedures

Student Grievance Procedures

There are a variety of grievance or appeals procedures available for students. The following is a listing of these procedures with a brief description of each:

Academic Appeals Committee

The purpose of the committee is to consider requests for course substitutions from students majoring in General Studies or Liberal Arts. Also, the committee administers the "Forgiveness Policy" and other program and grade-related requests that are beyond the purview of any academic department.

Academic Standards Policy

If a student feels that there are serious extenuating circumstances that contributed to poor academic performance, the student has an opportunity to appeal the academic sanction of “Program Dismissal.” Students, who wish to appeal the sanction of dismissal, must meet with a counselor in the Advising and Counseling Department to discuss the merits and procedures of the appeal. If it is decided that the student has grounds for an appeal, the following procedures will apply:

Academic Grievance Procedure

The purpose of this grievance procedure is to provide students who believe they have been denied fair and equitable treatment in academic affairs an organized method to resolve their problems. This procedure contains information that pertains to situations in which a student is appealing his or her grade.

Faculty Grievance Procedures

Article IX in the current agreement between the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education and Community College of Rhode Island Faculty Association (NEA/CCRIFA) contains a description of the grievance process available for faculty: