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About Prism

The Prismatic Perception Humanities project is being developed by a group of faculty from the Community College of Rhode Island.

This interdisciplinary web-based project stems from the notion that humanities and technology are perceived to be mutually exclusive. Prismatic Perception aims at bridging these two worlds by eliminating this misperception.

The goals of this project are threefold:

  • To afford students the opportunity to go beyond the traditional classroom setting by exploring as well as authoring multimedia and hypermedia projects using the web-based platform.
  • To provide a virtual learning environment in which faculty and students can cross over from one discipline to another within the humanities.
  • To promote faculty collaboration with colleagues and students via the web.

The Prismatic Perception holistic project will revolve around a web site that will be comprised of a four-part dynamic: faculty-created web modules linked to online web courses, student-created web modules, discussion forum, and resource support.

The first step is the creation of a "Mona Lisa" web module, which will serve as a model for future humanities web-based projects.

Prismatic Perception was one of 16 projects chosen out of more than 100 submitted nationwide. As part of their selection, the team of CCRI faculty attended a national conference at George Mason University recently on the use of technology in the humanities.