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The Prismatic Perception Humanities Project is being developed by a group of faculty from the Community College of Rhode Island. This interdisciplinary web-based project stems from the notion that humanities and technology are perceived to be mutually exclusive. Prismatic Perception aims at bridging these two worlds by eliminating this misperception.

Mona Lisa ModulePhase I: Developing the Course Concept - The Mona Lisa Module is the prototype for the Prism web page. Centered in this hypermedia virtual learning environment, study of the Mona Lisa will achieve a dynamic holistic quality. Students will journey through a contextualized, multidimensional, virtual world previously unavailable to them. [Read More about the Mona Lisa Module]

The Learner's JourneyPhase II: The Course - The Learner's Journey: A Prismatic Approach to College Studies. Designed to provide you more effective strategies for succeeding in a college environment. Texts used focus on transformational journeys, and may include the writings of Joseph Campbell, Paulo Coelho, Langston Hughes and Dr. Martin Luther King. [Read More about the Learner's Journey]

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