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Approved Projects

Current Semester

Students will receive a completed copy of the application once all signatures and approvals are completed.

Example Projects

Example: La Boda Mexicana

This Honors Project was done in Elementary Spanish. The objectives of the project were to learn about cultural differences and traditions when planning a Mexican Wedding compared to American weddings. The student researched customs, dress, vows, locations, and music and made traditional Mexican foods as well. The final product was a 20 minute presentation to the class, including food!

Example: Grapes and Lilacs

This Honors Project was done in Arts 1020 (Color). The student wanted to explore and contrast several painting styles when applied to still life in order to gain a more concise use of color and their relationships. The student produced four paintings of red grapes and lilacs with accompanying 2-page written assignments in four styles: impressionism, expressionism, cubism, and pop.

Example: Incidence and Causes of Ear Diseases in Canines

This Honors Project was completed for Introductory Microbiology. The student used cytological ear smears, which she then evaluated under a microscope to determine the cause of ear problems in dogs. She kept records and compiled her data, and wrote a 15 page research paper with at least 5 references summarizing her results and conclusions.