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Cybersecurity Faculty

Full-Time Faculty Contact Information
Margaret Burke, Professor [email protected]
Sarah Cichon, Assistant Professor [email protected]
Kevin Crawford, Department Chair and Technical Professor I [email protected]
Constantine Grammas, Assistant Professor [email protected]
Michael Kelly, Director of Cybersecurity Program and Assistant Professor [email protected]
John Mowry, Professor [email protected]
Christopher Thibeault, Associate Professor [email protected]
Stevenson Wachira, Assistant Professor [email protected]


Part-Time Faculty Contact Information
Eugene Bessacini [email protected]
Joseph Bransfield, CISSP [email protected]
Manuel Correia [email protected]
Anthony Hanos  [email protected]
Charlene Pelski [email protected]
Nikolaos Petropoulos [email protected]
Sherry Zinn [email protected]