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Summer 2024 Tuition & Fees

The Community College of Rhode Island is a state-supported public institution; therefore, tuition and fees are subject to increase at any time by action of the RI Council on Postsecondary Education. [Explanation of Fees]

Part-time/Per Semester
Fee In-State Rate *Regional Rate *Out-of-State Rate Maximum Charge
General Tuition Fee $231.00 per credit $346.00 per credit $687.00 per credit  
Part Time Registration Fee $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $75.00 (12 CHE or more)
Student Activity Fee $5.00 per credit $5.00 per credit $5.00 per credit $41.00
Learning Resource Fee $4.00 per credit $4.00 per credit $4.00 per credit $40.00
Technology Fee $4.00 per credit $4.00 per credit $4.00 per credit $55.00
Commuting and Parking Fee $1.00 per credit $1.00 per credit $1.00 per credit $12.00
Campus Service Fee $3.00 per credit $3.00 per credit $3.00 per credit $15.00
Lab Fee** As designated As designated As designated  

The cost of tuition for all summer sessions is strictly based on a per credit hour (CHE) rate only.

*Students who do not reside in Rhode Island are subject to CCRI's residency policy. The residency policy may be obtained in the Office of Enrollment Services in Warwick, Lincoln, Newport and Providence. This policy will determine if you will be charged the regional tuition rate or the out-of-state tuition rate.

**Lab fees: Generally, for one (1) credit hour equivalent courses, lab fees are $10. For courses with two (2) credit hour equivalents, lab fees are $20.

Art Studio Fee: Certain Art Courses will be assessed a $50 studio fee

Other College Fees
Fee Amount
Applied Music Fee (1 CHE) $231.00
Applied Music Fee (2 CHE's) $462.00
Returned Check Fee (includes ACH payments) $25.00
Extra Credit Administrative Fee $100.00

For an explanation of all fees please see the "Explanation of Fees" page.

The estimated total Cost of Attendance, including books, course materials, supplies and equipment, housing and food, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses, is available here.