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Frequently Asked Questions about Student Engagement

What is Student Engagement?

Student Engagement is committed to fostering a vibrant and dynamic campus life that provides opportunities for students to expand and enjoy their current interests, explore new interests, apply classroom knowledge, and experience the breadth and depth of intellectual and cultural diversity. Student Engagement staff facilitate this co-curriculum by directly supporting student groups and their advisors to plan and implement their goals and ideas.  In addition to contributing to this co-curriculum, staff provide programming, skills training and leadership development.

Is there a Student Government?

The Student Government is CCRI's official student voice. The campus governments consists of legislative and executive branches. Student Government receives its funding from student activity fees that is managed and redistributed to student groups and programs. For your campuses' Student Governments' Office and contacts, please visit the Student Government main page.

Who do I see if I have a suggestion or complaint about an issue on campus?

Your campus Student Government handles student suggestions and complaints. Expressing your opinion will many times lead to improvements in various services on campus. You can stop by any of the Student Engagement offices on your respective campus and leave a written suggestion. Students are encouraged to attend open meetings of Student Government. (Student Government does not get involved in formal grievances or complaints involving academic or student code of conduct issues or violations. Contact the Dean of Students)

What kinds of student groups and programs are available for me to get involved in?

CCRI offers many student groups and programs that span a wide range of categories including academic, media and publications, religious, health, cultural, special interest, arts, and community service. Browse our student groups page to find student groups and programs and who to contact for more information or you can create your own student group (eligibility requirements are required).
Your campus Student Government would be happy to meet with you to discuss some opportunities to get involved in.

Who is eligible to be a member of a student group or program at CCRI?

Current CCRI Students are eligible for student group/program membership. Contact  he student group advisor at as they may have specific requirements for membership. View groups by campus here

Can I travel with any student group or program at CCRI?

Current CCRI students are eligible to travel with any student group/program. Student Group/Program affiliation proof may be asked for upon seeking approval from Student Engagement for the trip.


For CCRI Student Group and Program Leaders and Advisors:

As a student group/program advisor, do I have any specific responsibilities I should be aware of?

All Student Group/Program advisors required to attend a mandatory training at the beginning of each academic year.  View Updated Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.

During the training, your responsibilities and any  will be explained to you. Contact Student Engagement for a training.      

As a student group/program officer, do I have any specific responsibilities I should be aware of?

As a student group/program officer your priority should be focused on the fulfillment of your student group/program's mission as well as the colleges' mission. Your student group/program constitution outlines your responsibilities specific to your role in the student group/program. Your responsibility to the college will be explained to you during your training. For more specifics, please contact your campus Student Government/or Student Engagement.

When are agency account payment orders due?

Payment orders must be submitted to Student Engagement before 1:00pm every Wednesday. Payment orders received after Wednesday at 1:00pm will not be processed until the following week.

Where can I pick up a deposit slip or a payment order form?

Contact the Bursar's Office for a deposit slip and Student Engagement for payment orders.

What taxable items are acceptable for reimbursement?

While most items are tax exempt, please be advised that the following taxes are acceptable for reimbursement:

  • Tax associated with a hotel room
  • Tax associated with out-of-state tax for a rental car
  • Tax associated with food from a restaurant
How do I fill out a payment order?

To see an example and tutorial to filling out a payment order, INSTRUCTIONS TBD.

How do I fill out a deposit slip?

 To see an example and tutorial for filling out a deposit slip, INSTRUCTIONS TBD.

Which account code do I use for my payment?
Type Account Code
Advertising 720105
All Other Services/Personnel 704105
Clothing and Materials 720125
Computer Equipment/Non-Capitalized 703105
Computer Supplies 703115
Concession Stand/Miscellaneous Expense 720170
Dues and Subscriptions 708110
Educational & Recreational Equipment/Non-Capital 702175
Educational & Recreational Equipment >$5000 716180
Educational & Recreational Supplies 702175
Equipment Rental 702150
Fire/Safety Equipment 720135
Food 720130
Freight and Express 702120
Household & Cleaning Supplies 720150
In-State Student Travel/Mileage Allowance 710170
In-State Travel/Mileage Allowance 710170
Insurance 714310
Laundry Services/All Other Services 704105
Medical Surgical & Lab Supplies 720160
Office Expense 702135
Office Furniture & Equipment >$5000 716160
Officiating?All Other Services 704105
Other Travel 710180
Out of State Travel 710130
Postage 702140
Printing and Binding 702145
Rental Outside Property 702155
Staff Education 702165
Telephone 702170