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Math Emporium

What is the Developmental Mathematics Emporium?

The Math Emporium at CCRI is an innovative classroom model where students can master developmental mathematics topics needed for their credit-bearing courses. The Math Emporium model uses ALEKS, an artificially intelligent online assessment and learning system, in addition to instruction from math faculty members.

What principles guide the Math Emporium?

  • Students engage in active learning.
  • Instructors provide personalized instruction.
  • Students master topics through a process of learning, practice and assessment.
  • Students use an adaptive, artificially intelligent online learning program.
  • Students maximize their time and effort.

Math Emporium

How does a Math Emporium class differ from a traditional math class?

  • Traditional math class: In a traditional math class, the instructor determines the order of the lessons and sets the pace of the class. Students are required to keep up and everyone must progress through the class together. Students are not able to work at a slower pace, bypass topics they already know or work ahead.
  • Math Emporium class: In the Math Emporium, each student is presented with the exact topics he or she is prepared to learn. Students skip over topics they already know and can quickly progress through easier topics. This allows students to get extra help and spend more time on advanced topics.

What happens in a typical Math Emporium class?

Students select a topic from their individualized learning path. This path is continually updated based on ongoing, personalized assessment. ALEKS provides a learning page with examples for each topic, as well as access to an e-textbook and support videos. After taking notes on the given topic, students work through similar examples. Based on student needs and real-time data, the instructor provides one-on-one, small group or whole class instruction.

Math Emporium

What courses are offered in the Math Emporium?

Students placing in Grid 0 or 1 on the ACCUPLACER test will register for Math 0095 – Developmental Mathematics Emporium. Students placing in Grid 2 may register for Math 0095 but should speak with an academic advisor about the options available to them. Based on their performance in the first two weeks, students will be placed into one of the following courses:

  • Math 0099 – Early Foundations of College Mathematics (formerly Math 0500)
  • Math 0100 – Foundations of College Mathematics (formerly Math 8055)
  • Math 0101 – Foundations of College Algebra (formerly Math 0600)

Is it possible to complete more than one course in a single semester? Can students finish early?

Students can accelerate their learning by putting more time into ALEKS, allowing them to:

  1. Complete more than one course: Because topics overlap from one course to the next, students will not start the new course at the very beginning. ALEKS gives credit for knowledge mastered in the previous course. When switching courses, there is no additional cost and students remain in the same class with the same instructor.
  2. Finish early: Students can finish the required coursework before the end of the semester and therefore no longer have to attend the Math Emporium. Students will receive a grade for the highest course they complete.

Math Emporium