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Math courses for the Summer 2022 semester will be held via the following teaching styles


Courses will be on campus with a set meeting time. 

Distance Learning (DL)

A method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or classes are conducted by correspondence over the Internet, without the student's needing to attend a school or college. 

Important Information

Fall 2018, the Math department at CCRI will be making changes to courses and sequences that will make it easier for you to thrive in the classroom, and have a clearer path to graduation and transfer.

The newly designed curriculum, which was developed by a dedicated Curriculum Redesign Committee, offers three significant and progressive changes:

  1. Developmental Education Reform
  2. Introduction of a New Statistics Math Pathway
  3. New Course Numbering System

These changes will save you money, time, and frustration. Best of all, they will set you on a more efficient path to graduation and transfer.

Here are links to grids of our math courses:

Math Course Flow Chart

Math Course Flow Chart for STEM

If you have questions about our developmental course, or for questions about our new numbers…just ask!

Call 401-825-2175 or email [email protected]