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Departmental Network Drives

Departmental network drives

Each department has a shared storage space (a network drive) on the campus file servers that can be reached through Network Neighborhood or Windows Explorer.

The departmental shared drives are secure spaces for each department and files can only be modified/deleted/copied by people within the department. These drives are created for faculty and staff to access their files from various campuses or classrooms by logging in to their domain accounts. These directories were also created for faculty and staff to share files.

Since the files on the shared drive are accessible by others in the department, it would be best not to store confidential documents on this drive. However if you must store files on this drive but wish to restrict viewing or modifying the files you also have the option of password-protecting individual files.

Accessing your departmental shared folder

To access your departmental network share you must login to the campus network with your domain account.

What is a domain account?

A domain account is a user's identification to the domain. By logging into your computer, you identify yourself to the domain using a unique identifier. This allows the domain to recognize you as a member of the CCRI community and allows you access to campus resources.

Advantages of having a domain account are numerous but they include security from hacking, as well as backup and file sharing services. If you need assistance with logging into your account, please call the IT Help Desk at 825-1112.

How do I find my network drive?
  • Click the Start button (bottom left corner of your desktop)
  • Click on My Computer
  • Under Network Drives you will see your departmental shared drive
    (with the name of department and drive letter "S")
  • When connected, your departmental drive S will be listed in Save and Open dialog boxes just as your C drive, your hard drive. You may save files and open them as you wish.

To keep things organized, we recommend creating a sub directory for each individual in the department and then some shared folders, for example departmental forms. Files within subdirectories will still be viewable to everyone in the department unless they are password protected.