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Publisher and 3rd Party Applications

External Apps are 3rd party applications that have been designed to integrate directly into the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Supported Blackboard Apps


Blackboard Learn App



Department Supported Apps

IA – Barnes & Noble College (BNC) - Bookstore

Labster - Biology

Lab Safety - Chemistry

Tutor Me - The Tutoring Center

Starfish - Institutional Effectiveness

External App Support

The CIT will provide technical troubleshooting for any error messages displayed within Blackboard and ensure that integrations are properly configured per vendor documentation. We will test all integrations to the fullest extent possible given vendor constraints. Users will be referred to the third-party vendor for external app support and issues with access codes or accounts outside of Blackboard.

External App Request and Evaluation Process

Before installing any external app we must first understand and evaluate the impacts of the app within the existing Blackboard service configuration. Key considerations are accessibility, administrative, copyright, compatibility, cost, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), interoperability, support, and security.

The entire process can often be time consuming as it requires collaboration with the vendor and faculty requester(s) to research and test on our Blackboard test system prior to deployment in the production system.

Please consider the time required to evaluate, test, and deploy a third-party app when submitting your request:

  • Fall semester - submit request by May 1
  • Winter/Spring semester - submit request by September 1
  • Summer sessions - submit request by February 1