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Banner Finance Team

The Banner Finance Team has the following responsibilities:

  • Meet on a regular schedule
  • Review new releases and plan production installs
  • Make decisions by consensus
  • Recommend policy changes or system changes to the ISAC or another appropriate committee
  • Evaluate system functionality and recommend utilization to improve processes
  • Form functional work teams as needed and assign tasks and responsibilities
  • Facilitate communication across departments regarding processes and procedures
  • Attend SungardHE training and conferences as available
Name Position/Title
Anne Anderson Chief Accountant
Andrea Babiana Chief Accountant
Jeanne Bondarevskis Assistant Controller
Kewen Chen Chief Accountant
Lisa Considine Fontes Purchasing Officer
Kent Gates Budget Specialist
Sook Kim Chief Accountant
John McGeowan Chief Accountant
Annmarie McMahon Assistant Business Manager
David Rawlinson Controller
Thanly Ryder Assistant Purchasing Officer
Paul Rylander Assistant Controller
Suzette Ward Manager Systems Development
Christopher Weiss Chief Accountant