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In-Class French Presentations

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A - C

Ms. Natalie Acosta (Abelle) - French Influence in the Fashion Industry

Mr. Talon Amores (Napoléon) - France during World War II

Mr. Yvon Aristil (Yvon) - Haitian Culture, Lifestyle and Government

Ms. Jamie Arnold (Amélie) - "Haute Couture" in France

Mr. Mathew Aubin (Jermaine) - A Journey into French Wine

Ms. Jaime Baccari (Madeleine) - Edith Piaf

Ms. Lauren D. Bartlett (Coco) - Coco Chanel

Ms. Heather M. Beckwith (Josée) - Paul Bocuse

Ms. Nicole L. Bellis (Rachelle) - French Cuisine

Mr. Brandon R. Blaess (Marcel) - Edgard Varèse ; Niccolo Paganini

Ms. Signon K. Boodon (Geneviève) - Contemporary Music

Mr. Lee Bucci - Mountain Ranges and Ski Resorts

Ms. Nicole E. Bush (Séraphine) - Jeanne D'Arc

Mr. Barry Briggs Jr. (Bertrand) - Bertrand Russell ; Natural Art

Mr. Timothy Bric (Günther) - Québec

Ms. Jessica Bruce (Marie-Claire) and Ms. Bice Dragon (Renée) - Versailles ; Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

Ms. Alicia Brown (Esmé), Ms. Michelle Fortin (Giselle) and Ms. Nicole Kufel (Sophie) - French Female Icons

Mr. Nicholas Burbaugh (Gaston) - The French Foreign Legion

Ms. Caitlin Cambra (Mirabelle) - William Adolphe Bouguereau ; Famous French Dishes

Ms. Jennifer Clarke (Charlotte) - French vs. American Special Education

Ms. Jessalyn Charpentier (Fleur) - An Exploration of French Culture

Mr. Julio Cruz (Joseph) - Louis Vierne

Ms. Sandra Chu (Olive) - La Cuisine Française

Ms. Ruth Clarkin (Cosette)- Le Louvre

Mr. Michael Coates (Michel) - Albert Camus: An Absurd Hero ; The Tulips of Destruction

D - F

Ms. Jessica Degiacomo (Zoë) and Ms. Sarah Harnedy (Aimée) - Away in Paris

Mr. Arthur Dilworth (Jean-Luc) - Haiti ; French HealthCare System

Ms. Alexander Factor (Alexandrie) and Ms. Brittany Gigante (Belle) - French Cinema

Ms. Danielle DeLise (Arielle) Le Mont St. Michel

Ms. Lydia B. Dorsey (Marguerite)  - What is a GMO? ; The History of Blood Transfusions

Ms. Kaitlyn Durbano (Belle) - Two Tales as Old as Time: A Comparison of Beauty and the Beast's French Novel and Animated Feature 

Ms. Tara Eastman (Geneviève) - The Louvre

Mr. Joseph Ferri (Fernand) - Classical French Literature

Ms. Laura Ferrick (Satine-Amélie) - French Music

Ms. Susana Figueiredo - Camille Claudel

Ms. Jessica Field (Aurore) - How French Weddings Differ from American WeddingsAlcohol Consumption in France vs. USA

Ms. Andrya B. Fitzgerald (Gabby)- The Daguerreotype;  The Champagne Region of France

Mr. Nicholas E. Fogell (Jacques) - Famous French Psychologists

Mr. Benjamin M. Fosmoen (Henri) - La Veuve:  The Guillotine in French Culture

Ms. Kristie Frydryk (Cécile)  - French Educational SystemEntertainment Guide to France

G - I

Ms. Jessica Gilbert (Valentine) - Le Louvre

Ms. Lindsay Gordon (Anaïs) - Carcassonne ; La Cuisine Française

Mr. Sean Gorman (Normand) - Day and Life in Canada

Ms. Chary Goris (Christelle) - The Art of Latin DancingEdgar Degas

Ms. Gabrielle L. Guitard (Madeleine) - Travel Guide to Québec

Mr. Patrick M. Hanson (Pierre) - Napoléon Bonaparte

Mr. Brian Hebert (Felix) - French Canada

Mr. Tristan J. Holbrook (Laurent) - Québec

J - L

Mr. Jared Jacavone (Jacques) - The Origin and Influence of Roman Provincial Cities

Mr. Patrick Jarvis (Volker)  German Rugby

Mr. Christopher Johnson (Théo) - Martinique

Ms. Michaela Johnson (Antoinette) The Genocide in Rwanda

Ms. Shannon Johnson (Lela) - Bethlam Royal Hospital and its Influence on France

Ms. Julie Jordan (Juliette) - Castles of France

Mr. Kevin Krasko (Léon) - La Nouvelle Vague (French New Wave Cinema)

Ms. Kate Lavallee (Brigitte)- Roméo Dallaire

Ms. Sarah Law (Isabelle) - French Garden Culture

Mr. Nathan P. La Perriere (Gaston) - Formula 1

Ms. Megan L. Leboeuf (Naomi) Le Surréalisme

Ms. Mackenzie Lehrman (Antoinette) - Le Fantôme de l'Opéra - Part IPart II

Ms. Sandra Loranger (Colette) - A History of French-Canadians in Rhode Island

Mr. Jameson Long (Jules) - Mont Blanc: La Dame BlancheCamus's Paradox

Mr. Sean Luttge - (Wolfgang/Benoît) -  Simone Weil

Ms. Lynda Liburd (Thérèse) - Haïti

Ms. Danielle Lovett (Audra) and Ms. Luisa Rios (Angelique) - French Landmarks and Interesting Religious Sites:Patinage Artistique

M - O

Ms. Madeleine MacMillan (Fontaine) - Les Misérables

Ms. Megan L. Maguire (Elise) - Marcel Proust

Ms. Samantha Mallozzi (Adèle) - An Exploration of a Typical French Day

Ms. Linda Marhiagbe (Renée) - Student Life

Mr. Andrew McHale - French Cuisine

Ms. Alyson McMahon (Annabelle)  - French Metals ; Jazz: U.S. vs. France

Ms. Elizabeth McQuillan (Geneviève) - An Exploration of French Parenting

Ms. Michelle Mercure (Halette) - Antoine de St. Exupéry

Ms. Chelsea Morin (Colette) - Les Champignons

Ms. Kelli Moore (Pénélope) - Auguste Rodin

Ms. Stephanie Morse (Sophie) - Soccer (Football) in France

Mr. Dylan Moore (Adrien) - Mont Saint Michel

Ms. Kelly Murphy (Elise) - Cheeses of Switzerland

Ms. Lisa Nixon (Claire) - History of French PhotographyHistory of Parachutes

Ms. Amanda Nobile (Antoinette) - Le Petit Prince - Antoine de St. Exupéry

Mr. Jean Nsambumeremyi (Erique) - French Family Life

Mr. Christopher O'Brien (Pépé) - Hockey in Québec

Ms. Stephanie Octeau (Adèle) - The Region of BretagneDiabetes around the World

Ms. Sherry Orozco (Gabrielle) - Vincent Van Gogh

P - R

Mr. Jared Pare (Gaston) - French Cuisine

Ms. Jordyn Payne (Adeleine) Paul Poiret ; Yves St. Laurent

Ms. Vanena Partin (Romy) - La Bête du Givaudan

Mr. Jason Perry (Luc) - The History of French Automobiles

Ms. Samantha Pike (Sophie) - Le Fantôme de l'OpéraThe World of Ballet

Ms. Amanda Repose (Nathalie)  Essentials of French Cuisine

Mr. Stanley Robinson (Hans) - The Beginning of Pscyhology

Mr. Kevin Rodiguez (Jean-Claude) - Charles Aznavour

Mrs. Maria Rodriguez (Antoinette) - Claude Monet

S - V

Ms. Breanna Sacchetti (Claudette) - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Ms. Katherine L. Stapp (Dominique) - French Folklore and Fairy Tales

Ms. Jordan Sorgel (Giselle) - The South of France

Mr. Celso Teixeira (Edouard) - Molière

Mr. Jacob Therien (Jacques) - The Evolution of French Cuisine ; French Aviation

Ms. Elizabeth Tramonti (Cosette) - 100 Rue Royale

Ms. Symantha Tillinghast (Chantal) - The Feminist Movement in France

Mr. Keith Trice (Luc) and Mr. Carlos Villot (Jacques) - Photography in France

Mr. Keith Trice (Luc) - Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Ms. Shayna Ventura (Brigitte) - Brigitte Bardot

Mr. Jacob Verardo (Valentin) = French Composers

Mr. Lucas Verardo (Marcal) - A Linguistic Exploration of German and French

W - Z

Mr. Carlos Villot (Jacques) and Mr. Keith Trice (Luc) - Photography in FranceCirque du Soleil


Ms. Kaitlyn Wendt (Colette) - Catacombs of Paris

Ms. Brittany Wood (Thérèse) - French vs. American Views of Autism