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Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office is committed to fostering a strong sense of community where all students feel and know they belong. The Dean of Students Office is also committed to providing essential resources to create opportunities for all students to grow, develop, and accomplish their goals. 

We strongly value, community, excellence and integrity. In our community…

  • We are learners, prioritizing scholarship, academic excellence and integrity. Our The Tutoring Centers provide tutoring, academic support, and study skills workshops.
  • We value every individual for their unique gifts and experiences, treating each other with respect and courtesy, even when we disagree. Our Code of Conduct, Gender Equity Initiative, and Diverse Voices series all support a community that places high expectations on how we think about and treat each other.
  • We promote civility and respect for students, faculty, staff and guests. Where Respect Happens.

We are here to help and always interested to hear your ideas on making the community a place that reflects our common values and shared interests. Tell us what you think and how we can keep our co-curricular opportunities exciting, fulfilling and inclusive of all members of our community.