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Threat Assessment Committee

What is a ‘threat’?

A threat is a situation where someone has specifically indicated they will harm you or a set of conditions in which you think it may be probable you could be in danger in the near future.  If you feel you are in immediate danger or the situation is unfolding right now, this is not a threat.  This is an emergency (see below).  If you are uncertain about whether a threat is real or if you see how a situation might evolve into a potentially violent situation, you should raise this issue with the Threat Assessment Committee for analysis.

What is an ‘emergency’?

An emergency is any situation that requires an immediate medical or police response.  These are situations in which you are someone else is injured or in danger of being harmed.  In these situations, call 911 and let the dispatcher know your situation and where you are located.  Then contact your campus office of Campus Police to let them know what happened, where you are located, and that you called 911.  This is so Campus Police can meet the first responders and get them to your location as quickly as possible.

How do I report a threat?

The best way to report a potential threat or concern about possible violence is to complete the form on our website at .  This ensures that you give us all the essential information and that your confidentiality is respected.  If the website is not convenient for you, please e-mail your concern to the chair of the committee.