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Hazardous Substance Inventory and SDS Management Program

The Community College of Rhode Island has a comprehensive program, administered by the Chemical Safety Coordinator's office, for managing its hazardous substance inventory and Safety data sheet (SDS) file. The SDS management program may be accessed from CCRI's Environmental Health and Safety Programs List page or by clicking on the program name, SDS pro. Anyone at the college or any interested party such as a fire department representative or private citizen may access SDS pro and search the database for CCRI's Hazardous Substance Inventory and SDS file.

The program allows you to search for all hazardous materials currently in use or used in the past at CCRI by substance name or by location at each of CCRI's four sites Flanagan Campus (Lincoln); Knight Campus (Warwick); Liston Campus (Providence); Newport County Campus (Newport).

At least once a year, in compliance with Rhode Island Chapter 28-21, the Rhode Island Hazardous Substance Right-To-Know Act, a written request goes to each CCRI department for an updated list of its hazardous materials. The hazardous substance inventory for that department is updated by the Chemical Safety Coordinator's office and the SDSs are entered into the College's database (department inventory updates). If you have questions about updating your department's inventory or to obtain SDS's for chemicals in your department or any other area of the college, contact Bernie Terilli at 825-2176 ([email protected]).

When the inventory and SDS file for each department is completed, hard copies of the local inventory and each SDS are placed in a wall-mounted SDS station outside the room in which the substances are kept. SDS stations are intended for the use of emergency fire and medical responders. SDS's should never be removed from these wall stations by any unauthorized person. Anyone at CCRI may obtain an SDS hard copy for any department, room or area by contacting Bernie Terilli at 825-2176 or [email protected]. In accordance with Rhode Island Chapter 28-21, an updated hard copy of the hazardous substance inventory is sent yearly to the local (Lincoln, Newport, Providence, Warwick) fire department that serves each campus. CCRI personnel who used hazardous substances are trained yearly to recognize chemical hazards in their workplaces and how to read and interpret SDS's (Right-To-Know Law Retraining Program).