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Lecturer Installment Authorization (LIA)

The LIA is used to pay a faculty member for teaching duties once the college's formal payroll is already run. Most commonly this is to handle coverage of a class when the assigned faculty member is unable to teach on a particular date(s) and another FT faculty or PT faculty member covers them.

The Lecturer Installment Authorization has been moved from paper to electronic signature. Select the situation that applies to you in order to fill out the form and signer information.

All required fields in the LIA must be completed prior to submission. To make the FOAPAL element simple to complete (please note, these pertain to paying the person covering on behalf of the assigned faculty member), please refer to the information below:

  • FUND is 101010*
  • ORG will vary by department, see below breakdowns
  • ACCOUNT will vary by scenario:
    • If pay is part of FT Faculty load, use account # 602105
    • If pay is part of FT Faculty overload, use account # 602505
    • If pay is part of Adjunct Faculty load, use account # 602115

*Exceptions - Workforce courses taught outside the college, grant funded courses.

ORG Breakdowns by Academic Department/Academic Program

Click on the department name to show the list of Org codes within that department.