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How to apply to a Health Sciences program

Performance-Based Health Science (PBHS) Admissions

* IMPORTANT: The Health Sciences admissions process requires successful completion of program requirements before you are eligible to apply to a PBHS program. You must complete a CCRI Application for Enrollment before proceeding.

View pre-admissions requirements How to check your eligibility status

Steps to apply to a Health Sciences Program

Before applying, you must have completed all pre-admissions requirements for the program.

  1. Log-in to MyCCRI
  2. Click on the ‘For Students’ tab
  3. Look for the ‘Performance-Based Health Science Admissions’ section.
    MyCCRI For Students tab
    1. In that section, click on the link for: Performance-Based Health Sciences Application and Status Check to apply to any CCRI Health Science Program.
  4. On the PBHS Application page, click on the “Important Message...” link and read the message.
    PBHS Application page
    1. Ater reading the message, return to your PBHS Application page by clicking on the browser’s back button.
      back button in browser
  5. After returning to the PBHS Application page, the health science programs you are interested in will appear for you to select.