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Paying for Your Degree

Don't let cost be a barrier!

Paying for college is no easy feat, but there is help. CCRI's financial aid office has a team dedicated to putting together an aid package that will work for you. Learn more about the various options and resources for financial aid.

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How Does CCRI Compare?

CCRI is, by far, the most affordable option available to students in Rhode Island. 

In-State Annual Tuition
$5,325 $10,966 $16,408

Apply for Financial Aid!

It is never too early to apply for financial aid. Get this important step out of the way so you can stop worrying about paying and start concentrating on studying!

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Attend a Virtual Info Session

help icon The Community College of Rhode Island invites you to attend a Virtual Info Session. Learn about opportunities available to you at New England’s largest community college.

It’s free and easy to join our virtual info sessions by PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.