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Advisory Committee Convenes to provide input to CCRI Therapeutic Massage Program

March 23, 2024

The Program Advisory Committee for the CCRI Therapeutic Massage program convened this month. Their function is to provide outside, objective opinion from a diverse selection of members, such as: non-alumni, business owners, employers of graduates and member of the community who may provide valuable perspective on the school’s curriculum, outcomes or operations.

During the two hour meeting, the committee discussed issues facing the massage therapy program and the profession. 

Members include:

  • Karlo Berger, Karlo Berger Shiatsu Therapy, CCRI instructor
  • Lou Ann Botsford, Finish Line Massage, CCRI instructor
  • Regina Cobb, Program Director
  • Dr. C. Kevin Donovan, Aquidneck Chiropractic
  • Judith Pyne, recent CCRI Alumni
  • Katherine Lang, JEKA Wellness Center
  • Dr. Jennifer Jackson, Ocean Ki Acupuncture
  • Laura LaVine, CODAC Behavioral Healthcare
  • Victoria Moutahir, Body Kneads, Inc. CCRI instructor
  • Kristie Gardiner, Community Based Resident
  • Stephanie White, Optimal Wellness
  • Susan Vandal, CCRI Alumni
  • Deb Luhrs, Massage Therapy Center, Inc. CCRI Clinic Supervisor
  • Liz Wiedenhofer, LIFE, Inc.

Action Items from the meeting:

  • Create a marketing plan to let the community know about news from the Program
  • Host Site Visit with the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation - Summer 2024
  • Support the Student Clinic which runs throughout the summer 
  • Meet with Advising and Couseling to discuss stategies to promote the program
  • Watch for changes by the US Department of Education Ruling
  • Follow State bills H7738 and S2625, for massge therapy educational hour changes

Caption to photos:


L to R: C. Kevin Donovan, Jen Jackson, Regina Cobb, Program Director, Liz Wiedenhofer


L to R: Jen Jackson, C. Kevin Donovan and Deb Luhrs


L to R: Victoria Moutahir, Laura LaVine, Liz Wiedenhofer, Susan Vandal, Sheldon Townsend