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College to honor 44 student-athletes for academic achievement

Feb. 7, 2018

Student-athletes who earned at least a 3.0 GPA during the Fall 2017 semester will be recognized at the conclusion of the women’s basketball game vs. Westchester Community College on Saturday afternoon in the Vincent A. Cullen Fieldhouse at the Knight Campus in Warwick.

This event is the first of its kind. “We plan to do this every semester. I hope that by honoring them, it also inspires them to keep achieving at this level,” said Kevin Salisbury, interim director of athletics. “I’m excited about it. That’s why I called it the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. Whether it’s me or someone else, I want them to know the person in charge is watching their success and happy for their achievements.”

Salisbury said he is grateful to the coaches and staff who reinforce the message that student-athletes are students first. “Everyone is involved, from coaches and administrators to equipment managers. They all play a role in student success,” Salisbury said. “The students ultimately are responsible in the classroom, but our entire staff reiterates the importance of academics.”

Academic success is especially important for those who want to transfer and continue to play when they do. “In order for them to go where they want to go and play sports, they have to meet the academic standards, he said.

“It’s about wearing the uniform and representing CCRI, but in the end it’s about how successful they are in the classroom. If they are successful in the classroom, they will definitely be successful on the field,” he said. “The wins are exciting, and everyone wants to win, but when these student-athletes are successful in the classroom, that’s setting them up for life.”

The honorees are:

  • Joseph Barter, 3.18
  • Nick D’Ambra, 3.73
  • Austin Davis, 3.1
  • Jacob Frost, 3.18
  • Jarrad Grossguth, 3.8
  • Matthew Gutelius, 3.2
  • Asa Nyblom, 3.44
  • Zack Odsen, 3.43
  • Michal Santos, 3.1
  • Owen Wosleger, 3.25

Men’s basketball
  • Igor Andrade Dos Santos Almeida, 3.91
  • Andrew Ferguson, 3.48
  • Chris Garcia, 3.25
  • Daniel Grzych, 3.07
  • Joshua Williams, 3.26

Women’s basketball
  • Tiondra Hands, 3.0
  • Kelsey Hernandez, 3.6
  • Auviance Lindo, 3.0

Men’s and women’s track
  • Victoria Anderson, 3.05
  • Kelder Cardoso, 3.25
  • Ryan Pagliaro, 3.25

  • Hannah Caliri, 3.34
  • Luz Cruz, 3.42
  • Kailee Morgan, 3.22
  • Samantha Muller, 3.32
  • Vanessa Santiago, 3.27
  • Michelle Spremulli, 3.7
  • Stevie Rae Wood, 3.9

  • Zachary Falcone, 4.0

Women’s soccer
  • Gabrielle Caruso, 3.7
  • Deandra Hernandez, 4.0
  • Julia Hill, 3.69
  • Laura Lopes, 3.57
  • Riley McKitchen, 3.81
  • Isabella Rinne, 3.43
  • Kendra Tantimonico, 3.28

Women’s volleyball
  • Samantha Elkas, 3.28
  • Megan Johns, 3.36
  • Shannon Moran, 3.53
  • Ivelisse Serrano, 3.42
  • Tara Watters, 3.93

Men’s soccer
  • Edmilio Goncalves, 3.2
  • Danny Junior, 3.1

Men’s volleyball
  • Drew O'Donnell, 3.5

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