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Graphic Standards

To ensure we communicate one clear and unifying visual identity to our diverse audiences, Marketing and Communications suggest the use of our visual assets (logo, fonts and color palette) for official college communications. This system includes the resources below, which reinforce a strong and definitive impression of CCRI's quality, professionalism and commitment to academic excellence.

Consistency in the way these elements are presented will strengthen all facets of this institution by projecting one visual look to the public.

To be successful in communicating our identity, it is essential that each project adheres to the standards outlined. By doing so, you will help us project a clear, unifying image for CCRI.

If you have questions about the proper use of the CCRI logo or signatures, please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications.

The Community College of Rhode Island logo is the primary identifying element of the graphic identity system. The logo or one of CCRI signatures (CCRI signature) must be used on all stationary, publications, signage, websites and other communications, print or electronic, produced by any college program or department. See guidelines below.

CCRI logo

Download graphic

CCRI logo reproduction:
  • Print-ready files for the CCRI logo and CCRI signatures are available through the Department of Marketing and Communications. Please specify what it is used for and what format is required.
  • Both graphics are supplied in a 3-inch and 6-inch version. Always use the size closest to that meeting your needs. For in-between sizes always select and reduce the next larger size.
  • Do not reduce any of the print-ready art more than 50 percent and do not reproduce the CCRI logo smaller than 1/2-inch wide.

Clear zone
  • For maximum clarity and visibility, a “clear zone” equal to the height of the capital “C”in Community should be maintained around each signature on any design piece.
  • No CCRI signature should be reproduced to a size where the CCRI logo is smaller than 1/2 in. wide.

  • The official color of the Community College of Rhode Island are CCRI Green PANTONE (PMS) 349. Black is the alternative when budget or context rule out the use of color. PMS 349 Green = #006B3F

Incorrect uses of the logo

logos wrong 1

logos wrong 2

College seal

College Seal Solid

Download graphic. Right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

College Seal lined version

Download graphic. Right-click and choose "Save Link As" to download.

All images are in jpg format; if you require an EPS file for printing or a green version, please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications.

In order to strengthen the recognition of the CCRI Logo and Signatures as main identifiers for the college, the CCRI Seal is reserved for limited official use. It is mainly used on documents and ceremonial materials such as certificates, diplomas, formal invitations and official flags.

Official CCRI seal colors

The preferred color for the seal is green PMS 349 or black. The Department of Marketing and Communications must approve any other print and/or color techniques.

Official signatures

CCRI Logo Black 2 lines centered

Download this graphic.
Right-click and choose "Save Link As." This is the preferred image for center format. This graphic is also available in green (PMS 349). Please email [email protected] for a proper graphic.

CCRI Logo 2 lines left
Download this graphic.
Right-click and choose "Save Link As." This is the preferred image for left-sided formats. This graphic is also available in green (PMS 349). Please email [email protected] for a proper graphic

CCRI Logo 3 lines centered

Download this graphic.
Right-click and choose "Save Link As." This is the preferred image for center format. This graphic is also available in green (PMS 349). Please email marketing for a proper graphic

CCRI logo 1 line

Download this graphic.
Right-click and choose "Save Link As." This is the preferred image for center format. This graphic is also available in green (PMS 349). Please email [email protected] for a proper graphic

Downloadable images are only in black and in tif format; if you require a different format, please contact the Department of Marketing and Communications.

Presentation template

Publications by CCRI represent its most significant outreach and therefore are an important component of the visual communications system. Publications include any or all brochures, catalogs, fliers, posters, postcards, websites or other materials representing the college or program within the college.

All college publications must use the official type fonts (Gill Sans MT and Times Roman). They are kept purposely broad to encourage individual creative solutions. At the same time, they provide in-house designers with a common template intended to ensure consistency and standardization of materials representing the college. 

Each publication produced for CCRI should display the official CCRI logo and/or CCRI Signature.


PowerPoint presentation template below.

Letterhead and envelopes

Printed stationery

As the stationery system is a primary form of communication between CCRI and the public, it is important that it reflect the visual identity of the college. For this reason and to maintain consistency, print quality and cost efficiencies, all stationery must be ordered through the Purchasing Department.

If you are preparing a letter or envelope to be printed on your department's stationery, please email [email protected] for guidelines.

Examples of the official CCRI letterhead and envelope style:

CCRI Letterhead

CCRI Envelope

Typefaces and fonts

Official CCRI fonts

Two typefaces, one serif and one sans serif, are the primary identification fonts for CCRI. These typefaces, when used with the college logo and signatures and reinforce the Graphic Identity System.

The official Serif typeface is Times New Roman.
The CCRI logo, seal and signatures are derived from this font and it is the first choice for corporate identity materials, signage and printed materials.

The official Sans Serif typeface is Gill Sans. Gill Sans is used for the unit identifiers in the Individualized Unit Signatures. Gill Sans can be used on printed materials, alone, or in combination with Times New Roman.

Both of these typefaces are readily available from professional typesetters and desktop publishing systems and are suitable for a wide variety of reproduction methods.

Typograhy page

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