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Pay your bill online

After registering for courses, students may pay their bills online by credit card, checking or savings account. Just follow these easy steps. *Please note that it is best to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser for Refunds and Payments.*

How to Pay Your Bill Online
Instructions Screenshots
Step 1

Log in to your MyCCRI account.

image of the MyCCRI login
Step 2

Click on the My Account tab

image of My Account tab within MyCCRI
Step 3

From the My Account screen, click Make a Payment

ime of selecting "Make a Payment"
Step 4

Click the Make a Payment button located on the Account Payment screen

image of Current Balance - Account Payment
Step 5

Select Pay by Term and select the term. Click Continue

image of selecting "Pay by term"
Step 6

Choose your Payment Method, credit card or electronic check (checking/savings) by clicking on the down arrow and then click Select

image of the "Payment Method" screen

Step 7

If you select either a New Credit Card or New Electronic Check, you will be taken to the Payment Method screen where you will enter your account information. When done, click the Continue button. You will receive an email confirmation as well as a confirmation on the screen which is your receipt. If payment does NOT get processed as a DEBIT CARD payment, you will be taken back to Select Payment Method.  PLEASE SEE STEP 8

image of the account information screen
Step 8

If you are taken back to Select Payment Method, click on the down arrow, select New Credit or ATM Debit  and then click the Select button

image of selecting New Credit or ATM Debit Card
Step 9

Enter Debit Card number in the Card number field again and click Continue

image of entering Debit Card number
Step 10

After you enter the expiration date, click on Process as Credit and then click Continue

image of clicking on Process as Credit
Step 11

After completing the Account Information and click Continue

image of the Account Information screen 

Please note that if you need to make a change to your account information or have any questions about your bill or the payment process you will need to contact the Bursar's Office at 401-825-2151.

Important billing dates

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