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Our Approach

The approach the CIT group takes in supporting instruction is grounded in the fundamentals of instructional design and informed by current research in effective teaching and learning.

Technology + Learning

The goal of all technology in education is to facilitate the teaching and learning process. In this way, the progression of tools we've used in the classroom over the years shares a common purpose. Similarly, the tools we will use in years to come will be implemented with this simple, but powerful principle in mind. The technology itself should never trump the process it's there to support. A large part of the CIT's role at CCRI is to ensure technology is being used in a way that supports our goals as educators, without complicating our lives as people.

Supporting Instruction

There is value in the fact that every instructor is different in their teaching style and strengths. The suite of tools and strategies offered by the CIT is designed to be flexible in its implementation, allowing each instructor to choose what works best for their teaching style and maintain the aspects of their classroom they value the most.

Research and Design

One of the CIT roles is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest research in education and digital learning, and share that information with instructors. Emerging technologies and current findings in the field inform the content presented in our consultations, workshops, and faculty development events.