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Counseling Resources

-Please call 911 or see our crisis resource page if you are feeling unsafe, contemplating self harm or suicide!

We can you help navigate the process of choosing mental health care and referrals. Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you want help finding an outside counselor or program.
CCRI has partnered with TELUS Health which allows students to received virtual counseling 24/7 and is a great resource for counseling and help. For more information please click here.  You can call Telus Health at 866-743-7732 for over the phone assistance or scan the QR code below for the App. 
Whether you are searching for tips to improve your emotional or physical health, worried about a potential mental or physical health problem, looking to help a friend, or interested in becoming an counselor, a great first step is to review these resources.

Resources in Rhodes Island:

For counseling, a good start can be to check with your insurance provider for a list of local counselors available.    Psychology Today and Zen Care also provide an extensive list of counselors searchable by local communities, insurance providers, and preferences. 


NAMI Rhode Island serves residents across the state with free mental health support, online groups, resources and education.
HERE  is a good questionaire to ask a potential new provider to test if they will be a good match for you. 

Intake Number: 1-844-401-0111
Butler hospital is the premier resource for Rhode Islanders for mental health.  They have many programs available, from drugs and addiction programs to mood and anxiety, anxiety, and OCD programs.   Their services range from inpatient, if needed, to outpatient programs.  Here are a few of their programs:
- College Student Intensive Outpatient for Young Adults: For age 18 to 26 years old, who are struggling to function in the academic environment due to mood related issues, such as depression and anxiety. The program’s theoretical framework draws on aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The supportive environment empowers young adults to learn how to gain control of their mental health and strive to achieve their personal goals in school.
- Intensive OCD and Anxiety Treatment:  The OCD and Anxiety Disorders Intensive Outpatient Program is a specialized program designed to help adults experiencing persistent obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), intense fears (phobias), panic disorder, health anxiety (hypochondriasis), and social anxiety.
Services the Greater Rhode Island area but located in Providence.

lifespanIntake Number: 401-606-0606
Lifespan’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services offer a full range of assessment and treatment options to address the mental, emotional and behavioral problems that occur throughout life. Our programs encompass a comprehensive view of mental health that includes and integrates the biological, psychological and social dimensions of care.  Our service line spans the activities of Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Bradley Hospital, Newport Hospital and Gateway Healthcare, and meets the needs of patients suffering from the wide spectrum of psychiatric and behavioral conditions. We are also strongly committed to the integration of behavioral health with the mainstream of medical care.
- Young Adult Outpatient Mental Health Program:  The Young Adult Outpatient Psychiatry program helps 18- to 26-year-olds struggling with psychiatric illness live more productive lives by providing comprehensive and age appropriate psychiatric services.  Programs in PROVIDENCE (401-793-8808) and EAST GREENWICH (401-606-4405)
Services Providence, East Providence, East Greenwich, and Newport area.

TPC_Logo_Color_tpc Intake Number: 401-276-4020
The Providence Center offers outpatient counseling and psychiatry services that help clients sort through their feelings and focus on positive outcomes. Using the most effective techniques, our compassionate, professional staff will help you resolve issues, leading you to a happy, healthier state of mind.
Services the greater Providence area.

Thrive Behavioral Health
Intake Number: 401-732-5656
Thrive is committed to improving clients’ quality of life through an extensive range of community-based and outpatient mental health services, substance use treatment, educational programs, and housing services that are recovery-oriented, trauma-informed, and family-focused. 
Services Warwick, and the Kent County area.

Intake Number: 401-235-7121
Community Care Alliance offers sliding fee services for individual counseling, outpatient psychiatry, addiction and substance use treatment, group counseling, and DUI programs.  
Services North Providence, Pawtucket, Lincoln, Woonsocket and Northern RI area. 

Bristol County Number: 401-437-1000 / Newport County Number: 401-847-7821
Sliding fee scale available.  Find a doctor or clinician now serving East Providence, Barrington, Warren, Bristol, Tiverton, Little Compton, Portsmouth, Middletown, Newport, or Jamestown.  East Bay Community Action offers integrated services for behavioral health, medical health and dental health. 
Services the East Bay area.

Coastal wellness collective  has extensive resources for South County area students. 

clinicaIntake Number: 401-606-0606
Clinica Latina, Lifespan Mental Health Services, addresses the particular needs of our Latinx patients. Our clinicians and staff are familiar with, and part of, the cultures of our patients, and understand their values and customs. Services are provided in Spanish and English. Cultural factors influence perceptions and behaviors, including in medicine and psychiatry. We believe treatment is most effective when clinicians are sensitive to the culture and unique needs of each patient.
Services the Greater Providence area.

Therapy For Black Girls
So often the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy prevents from taking the step of seeing a therapist. This space was developed to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant. Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls.  The website offers a search engine for therapist in our local area
Search site for Rhode Island and beyond. 

Phoenix Rising Centers

Redefining mental health is about decolonizing mental health. This involves breaking free from prevailing, often restrictive norms such as heteronormativity, ableism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and gender binaries. Instead, we shift our focus towards historically marginalized and excluded communities, demonstrating a strong commitment to crafting an inclusive and empowering mental health narrative that caters to the diverse needs of all individuals.
Search site for Rhode Island and beyond.

(Agency descriptions were taken from their respective websites.)

For Alternative Supports: 
If you are seeking FREE online counseling, CCRI has partnered with TELUS Health which allows students to received virtual counseling 24/7. For more information please click here. 
You can call Telus Health at 866-743-7732 for over the phone assistance.