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Substance Use and Addiction Help

-Please call 911 if you are or someone is experiencing an overdose.


Substance abuse refers to excessive use of a substance in a way that is detrimental to self, and those around you. It includes both physical dependence and psychologic dependence. Psychologic dependence refers to a state of intense need to continue taking a drug in the absence of physical dependence. Physical dependence is caused by prolonged use of a substance refers to an altered physiologic state in which withdrawal symptoms develop when the drug is discontinued. By these definitions, alcohol, for example, is a drug that can cause both physical and psychologic dependence.  "Addiction" falls within this definition but can include more than commonly referred to substance, and can include food, gambling, sex, etc... 

Call 988 for any Crisis, including substance use.



Resources for help with Drug use.




Extensive resources for any Substance Abuse.
Call Center 24/7:  1 (844) 401-0111 
This is an outpatient service that provides people direct access to all of CNE’s substance use treatment services. Your recovery support team may include a physician, nurse, therapist, and case worker. They will transition you to different levels of care, such as inpatient, partial hospital or ambulatory detoxification, depending on your need.

Recovery Community Centers

"individuals are offered hope in a safe environment"

Safe-Stations-poster.pdf (

Safe stations are fire stations locations where you can get help for recovery referrals


Alcohol Abuse Self Screening Tool 




Understanding Alcoholics Anonymous and Spirituality  South Central Area of Narcotics Anonymous   


For Alternative Supports: 
If you are seeking FREE online counseling, CCRI has partnered with TELUS Health which allows students to received virtual counseling 24/7. For more information please click here. 
You can call Telus Health at 866-743-7732 for over the phone assistance.