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Performance-Based Health Science Process

What are the admission requirements for the Health Sciences programs?

The Health Sciences programs require that a student first apply to General Studies and then indicate on the application the specific health program s/he is interested in pursuing. Each program has a specific guideline form which identifies the specific course and testing requirements needed prior to the application being submitted.

For more information click the link below:

When can I apply to one of the Health Sciences programs?

For all but three (3) of the Health Sciences programs (Fire Science degree, Emergency Disaster/Management certificate and Emergency Management degree) there are specific application timeframes AFTER an applicant has completed the pre-requisite requirements. Please follow the times for application that are listed on Enrollment Services Web site (see below).

February applications through the performance based process for the majority of the health programs will be accepted. Decisions will be made in March for conditional acceptance or admission to the Health Sciences programs.

Accepted candidates will be notified by e-mail. There will be a specific timeframe for replying back to CCRI and then completing the background check. The background check must be received and in compliance with health care facility contracts.

For next application period please see website below.

*Application periods with an asterisk only will be offered if programs still have available seats for the upcoming semester. For more information click the link below:

Is financial aid available?

There are specific requirements for financial aid; however, generally speaking, there is financial aid available for all Health Sciences programs, if student eligibility is satisfied.

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Are scholarships available?

There are a number of scholarships available once eligibility is achieved. For a full reference of scholarships, please see:

What is the length of the programs?

Health Sciences programs that are degree bearing are generally 18 months to two years in length.

Can I work while in the program?

Each Health Sciences program has different credit requirements as well as course requirements. While many students do work each program has rigorous requirements and time constraints. To progress in the programs you must meet the course and program requirements, therefore, it is important to have sufficient time to focus on those requirements.

Are there evening/weekend classes available for the health sciences programs?

Nursing offers both a day program and an evening/weekend program. The day program begins in the Fall and the Spring. The evening/weekend programs are offered only at the Flanagan campus.

Can I transfer courses from other institutions?

Courses can be transferred in from accredited higher education institutions. In general, there is a 10-year cutoff on timeframes.

For more specific information please refer to:

Can I retake a course for a higher grade?

If you wish to retake a course you will need to refer to financial aid requirements as well as specific program requirements which may limit the repeat of courses.

I already have a degree, do I still need to take the ACCUPLACER and other testing?

It is still important for you to complete all program requirements, including testing at this time.

*Failure to take the appropriate placement exam(s) may prohibit a student from registering for courses that require these testing scores as prerequisites.

If I previously applied to a Health Sciences program, and need to reapply, will I be required to pay the application fee again?

There is one application fee to the college and you will not be required to pay for the performance-based application.

How many students are accepted into the Health Sciences programs each year?

Each program accepts a different number of students each year. Please contact your program of interest for any specific information regarding acceptance numbers.

Does the college provide transportation to the clinical sites?

The college does not provide transportation to the clinical sites. Students are expected to provide their own transportation.

Are uniforms provided by the college?

Uniforms/lab coats are required for each program and students are required to purchase the uniforms/lab coats.

How often do the Health Sciences guidelines change?

The guidelines are revised every two (2) years.

I recently submitted a performance-based Health Sciences application and was not accepted for the campus in which I applied. I would like to know if I can have my performance-based health science application submitted to another campus.

Once a decision has been rendered and you are not accepted into a Health Sciences program, you will need to reapply during the next open enrollment period. Also, upon receiving your performance-based health science application decision, you will not be allowed to switch to another campus for consideration.

I have applied three times as a performance-based Health Sciences applicant and continually receive notices that I need to reapply during the next open enrollment period. I currently meet all preadmission requirements for the program and think my grade point average is very good. What can I do to get accepted into the program?

If you have applied at least three times and have not been offered acceptance, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to meet with the academic advisor.

Does CCRI have “waiting lists” for their Health Sciences programs?

No. Applications are accepted under the performance-based Health Sciences application process. This is a competitive application process that requires all necessary program prerequisites to be successfully completed before the application can be submitted. Applicants not accepted to the program will need to reapply. Please see the Health Sciences Program Admission Guidelines for specific details.

How competitive is admission to a CCRI Health Sciences program?

Competitiveness depends on the number of applicants and the number of students a program is designated to accept during any given acceptance cycle. Competitiveness will vary from year to year with each applicant pool.