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Concern, Comment and Resolution Policy

The Health Sciences Division is committed to continuous program improvement. Any individual encountering a program-based concern may elect to make a complaint or register a concern using the Concern, Comment and Resolution Form.

The Health Sciences Division views concerns and comments as a learning and improvement opportunity. This process is intended to ensure all concerns are taken seriously and dealt with promptly and fairly. This process is designed to be utilized as a program quality improvement measure. It is also expected that all individuals registering a concern will do so in a professional and solution-oriented manner.

  1. The individual should obtain a Concern, Comment and Resolution Form from Dean of Health and Rehabilitative Science website. Once completed, the individual should submit the form using the “Submit” prompt via the website. The form will be sent directly to the Program Director for the program of concern.
  2. The receipt of the form will be acknowledged within two working days by the Program Director. The form will be shared with the Program Faculty and Department Chairperson, who will determine appropriate steps to identify the extent and urgency of action to be taken, if any.
  3. Program faculty will identify a plan of action to address the concern or comment within 1 week. This information will also be documented in the internal program assessment mechanism used to review program policy and effectiveness.
  4. The plan of action will be shared with the individual once established. A timeframe for a review of the effectiveness of the established action plan will be identified on the form.
  5. All forms will be filed in the Program Director’s office.
  6. If the individual does not feel the concern or comment has been fully addressed, they have the option to submit the concern to the Dean of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences.