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About The Center

The Center for Teaching Excellence is a collaborative, faculty-led community that supports continuous development and champions high-impact, equitable teaching and learning practices for our diverse student body.

We Listen and Learn
We Respond and Lead
We Recognize and Reward

How can we help?

The Center for Teaching Excellence is supported by a Board of faculty members.

CTE Advisory Board


Maria Coclin, Business and Professional Studies
Brianna Cox, Communications, Film & Media
Justine N. Egan-Kunicki, Psychology
Julie A. Galleshaw, Dental Health
Candace Grist, Business and Professional Studies
Roger Hart, Physics and Engineering
Katie Holcomb, Library
Lori Kasher, Nursing
Karen Kortz, Physics and Engineering
Laura Picraux, Chemistry
Renee N. Saris-Baglama, Psychology
Kristen S. Swithers, Biology
Louis W. Turchetta, Psychology
Amanda M. Vanner, Psychology

Annual Reports

AY 2021-2022 Report

AY 2022-2023 Report