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PATH Course Outcomes

PATH 1010: First Year Experience Seminar

Course Description:

This course is best taken in a student’s first semester. It is designed to help students understand the physical, social, emotional, and academic requirements of college AND explore major and program options at CCRI to create specific career-minded goals for their college career. Topics include accessing CCRI resources and support services (including significant focus on library resources), time management, study skills, interpersonal and professional communication skills, growth mindset development, academic responsibility, financial planning for college, career exploration, work-based learning experience, and utilization of CCRI student technology.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing any section of PATH 1010 will be able to:

  1. Apply behaviors that support personal responsibility for effective learning, including time management and coping skills
  2. Develop interpersonal communication skills
  3. Identify College resources, including Library, tutoring, financial aid, advising, counseling, and career resources
  4. Develop critical thinking skills
  5. Use CCRI technology, including: Library research technology, Starfish, MyCCRI, Blackboard, CCRI websites, and CCRI email
  6. Create academic and career goals through career exploration, academic and career-based information literacy skills development, and work-based learning
  7. Identify issues of equity and diversity in academic, social, and career settings
  8. Develop financial literacy skills related to academic and career goals