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Q. How do I find out what courses are available at CCRI?

A. Information regarding which courses are currently open for registration is available at

Q. What if a course section is full (closed)?

A. If you are unable to register for the course you want, and there is a waitlist available for the course, you can add yourself to the waitlist. When a seat becomes available, you will receive an email notification through MyCCRI that a seat has opened and you are eligible to register for the course. You will NOT be automatically added to the course. You will have until the date and time stated in your email notice to login and register yourself for the available seat. If you do not register before the specified date and time, the available seat will go to the next person on the waitlist and you will have to re-add yourself to the waitlist to get another chance. Waitlists will be purged at the start of late registration (students will be dropped from the courses they are waitlisted for that semester).

Q. Where can I learn more about 7-week classes?

A.Visit our 7-Week Sessions page to learn all you need to know about taking classes in the 7-week format.

Q. What if a course gets cancelled?

A. When a course section is cancelled due to lack of enrollment, you may sign up for any other open section of the same course, provided one is available. When a course is cancelled, you will receive notification via campus e-mail prior to the first class meeting. Refer to the college calendar for cancellation dates.

Q. How do I get a transcript?

A. Official (and unofficial) Transcripts are available from a number of sources. See instructions for obtaining your official or unofficial transcript here:

Q. How do I find out what my grades are?

A. Grades are available online through MyCCRI for all students whose financial obligations to the institution have been satisfied in full and who have complied with RI State Law regarding immunization. For more information on how to check your grades in MyCCRI, see

Q. How do I find a CCRI Catalog?

A. The college catalog is available on the Web at All requests for Foreign Student Admissions should be directly referred to the Admissions Office/Office of Enrollment Services.

Q. When is the office open?

A. A full schedule of office hours is available at

Q. What kind of Information can I receive Online (What is MyCCRI)?

A. MyCCRI is CCRI’s Web portal, connecting the college community via the Web to academic resources, administrative services, CCRI news and the Internet at large, all online.

You may use MyCCRI to register, make payments, check grades, use course tools, send and receive e-mail, create personal address books, access and manage personal, course and school calendars, create manage and join group homepages for clubs, organizations and committees, view targeted messages, news & events, campus announcements and much more.

Documentation on how to use MyCCRI is available at

Q. How do I request a preferred name?

A. Students may request the use of a preferred name which differs from a legal name change. Students may prefer to use a first name that differs from their legal documented name, and/or that matches their gender identity or expression.

A preferred name will appear on class and grade rosters, and if requested on CCRI ID cards** and in the CCRI email** (see information below**). Students are welcome to indicate that they would like their preferred name to appear on their diploma, as indicated on the graduation application. The preferred name will not appear on official transcripts. Official documentation is not required for a change in preferred name.

To request a preferred name, please email [email protected] from your CCRI email account. To request a username/email, please email [email protected] from your CCRI email.  Please include your CCRI student ID with all messages. 

**CCRI ID card and email changes should be requested prior to a semester start. Updating the documents mid-term may affect a student’s access to required course material, i.e., Blackboard.