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New Policy Information

COVID-19 Grading

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CCRI used Pass (P) and Fail (F) grades for the Spring 2020 semester. Courses recorded with a “P” were equal to a grade of “D” or higher.

Reverse Transfer

Students who attend the Community College of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, the University of Rhode Island and/or other colleges/universities may qualify for the conferral of the associate degree from the Community College of Rhode Island through the reverse transfer policy.

Attention Faculty

Electronic Override Process

  • The paper Add Slip will no longer be available in the Office of Enrollment Services.
  • Faculty or Department Chairs should be utilizing an Electronic Add Slip for ALL courses and sections that require a capacity, prerequisite or capacity/prerequisite override.
  • Please note grades will be rolled as soon as they are submitted. You will not be able to go back into your roster and change any grade. Please be sure to double check your grades before hitting submit. If an error is made you will need to use a paper “Change of Grade” form to correct the error.