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LPN-to-RN Option FAQ

Q- I have been an LPN for many years, how do I start the process for entering the LPN-to-RN Option?

A- LPN-to-RN Option Admission Guidelines

Q- I have an active LPN license in another state. Am I still eligible to apply?

A- Yes.

Q- Is the LPN-to-RN Option offered during evenings and or weekends?

A- Yes, please see the LPN-to-RN Option Admission Guidelines page for specifics on when to apply for the evening weekend program.

Q- How long does it take to complete the LPN-to-RN Option?

A- Once accepted into the LPN-to-RN Option it is 3 semesters please see LPN-to-RN Option Program of Study for more details.

Q-When is the next application period for the LPN-to-RN Option?

A- There are two application periods for the LPN-to-RN Option June and October. LPN-to-RN Option Admission Guidelines

Q-What are the application deadline dates?

A- The application period always opens first day of the month and closes the last day of the month.

Q- Is the LPN-to-RN HESI Exam available online?

A- Yes please email [email protected] to schedule it.

Q- What do you recommend for study materials for the LPN-to-RN HESI exam?

A- Any NCLEX-PN study guide is appropriate. Students are encouraged to review previous nursing coursework material. The HESI LPN-to-RN Admission Exam measures competency across PN/VN content areas, including:
- Fundamentals
- Pediatric Nursing
- Maternity
- Professional Issues
- Medical-Surgical
- Psychiatric/Mental Illness

Q- If I took the LPN-to-RN HESI at another community college in another state do I need to take it for CCRI?

A- Yes

Q- How many LPN-to-RN Option applicants are accepted per semester?

A- 8 LPN-to-RN Option applicants are accepted per semester.

Q- My employer has sent my Verification Form to you. What’s the next step to enroll?

A- It is reviewed by Level 1 Chairperson and if its approved you’ll get an email to see if you want an override to take the class NURS 1061 Pharm 1 or challenge it. If you have not taken the LPN-to-RN HESI exam

Q- Is a Humanities Elective a requirement for the application?

A- No, it's not a requirement for application but it is a requirement for graduation.

Q- How can I sign up for the 1 credit course NURS 1061?

A- Once your employment verification form has been received and approved by the Level I Chair an override may be entered so that you can register for NURS 1061.

Q-How can I challenge the 1 credit course NURS 1061?

A- Those electing to challenge NURS 1061 should petition the Nursing Level I Department Chairperson by sending an email to Jennifer Nelligan ([email protected]). Successful course challenge includes:

  • Score of 85 or better on a 20 question math competency test.
  • Grade of a "C" (75) or better on a 56 item exam

Note: This course is limited to two (2) attempts. An unsuccessful challenge is considered one attempt.

  • Credits granted through AP, CLEP, challenge exams or assessment of prior learning will be recognized as satisfying course requirements and will be assigned points equivalent to a grade of "B."
  • NURS 1061P satisfies the NURS 1061 requirement.

Q-How long is the class NURS 1061 valid for?

A-It does not have an expiration date.

Q- If I can take a Pass/Fail or a letter grade for a course, which should I do?

A-If you are a student applying for health science program you should take a letter grade for the performance based application system. For more questions and answers see

Q-Does your LPN-RN Program take the TEAS score?

A- No