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Banner Payroll Web Time Entry Authorization Request Form

Please complete the top of the form online then print the form to obtain the necessary signatures.

Return to: Payroll, Knight Campus

Please provide the following information:
First, MI, Last Name:
*Please indicate if you work through a Temp Agency
Phone Extension:
Employee Role:
 Faculty  Staff   Other
Account Type:
 New  Terminated   Change
If account changed, what is reason?
Agreement: I have read, understood, and agree to comply with FERPA regulations, the CCRI Data Security Policy and the CCRI Policy on the Responsible use of Information Technology; I understand that I am responsible for any computing activity carried out using this account. Access to Banner Payroll Web Time Entry will be activated upon completion of all training.

Applicant's Signature: _____________________________ Date:_________________

Supervisor's Signature: _____________________________ Date:_________________

For Office Use Only

Payroll Signature: ___________________________  Date: _________________

IT Dept. Completion Date and Initials: _________________